We are Great Place to Work!

CBRE has been ranked one of the top 50 companies to work at in Spain in the Best Workplaces Spain 2017 ranking, and was the only company in the real estate sector to feature in the ranking. Each year this award, presented by Great Place to Work®®, certifies the the best workplaces based on the views of employees and their HR policies.

“We’ve gone the extra mile, designing offices that improve the well-being of our employees, implementing dozens of services that improve people’s health and happiness at work” Adolfo Ramírez-Escudero, CEO CBRE Spain.

CBRE is the first real estate company to feature in the Best Workplaces Spain 2017 ranking and, as the company’s CEO Adolfo Ramírez-Escudero points out, it is vital that such an important sector for the Spanish economy moves towards a more professional, transparent and innovative model.




CBRE’s HR policy is based on respect, integrity, service and excellence. What’s more, over the last few years it has implemented new initiatives designed to improve the company’s culture and ability to source and retain talent.. They are not just HR policies that help provide greater flexibility, encourage teamwork and strike a healthy work-life balance, they are also initiatives that really value employees and this is reflected in their level of satisfaction.

“It’s a great honour to see that our values and all the hard effort that has been put into making CBRE an excellent place to work really do translate into employee satisfaction” Teresa Grana, CBRE HR Director




Attracting talent is one of CBRE’s fundamental strategic goals; in fact more than 150 new professionals have joined CBRE over the past year. These are the four values that inspire us:



Mónica Riba: : “I feel that people trust me and this makes you try harder to give your all each and every day”

Jaime Aparicio:“the staff and the company’s personable approach are a world apart from the rest”

Eugenio Gallego: “All of CBRE’s departments and professionals work together to achieve a common goal”






Our offices and the New Ways of Working philosophy reinforce our aim to become the best place to work. We have created workplaces where professionals and clients can share experiences, knowledge and work together. Places where people can live the office experience, and which favour people’s health and well-being. To achieve this, we have expanded the concept of sustainability to include aspects such as nutrition, fitness, comfort and mental health.